Interpreting services are, along with translations, the foundations of KOMPUTEKST business. Thanks to our long record of activity, we are able to suggest solutions which will work best in specific settings: we offer simultaneous (booth) interpreting services, consecutive interpreting and sworn community interpreting.

We provide services for a variety of events, including conferences, congresses, symposia, court proceedings, seminars, business meetings, negotiations or trainings. Because we are flexible in approaching every Client’s needs, our services prove to be effective in standard formats and in bespoke variants. We are ready to engage, in a fully professional manner, in every challenge ahead.

Interpreters of KOMPUTEKST translation agency are the gauge of the highest quality standards, in every field. Moreover, they are people of excellent manners and personal charisma, able to manage face-to-face encounters with our Clients and perfectly respond to their individual expectations.

  • Simultaneous translations
  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Conference service
  • Sworn translations