Translation services are the core of our business offer. Our professional team is able to provide high quality translations in all European languages and major non-European languages. Our highly qualified translators, apart from their perfect linguistic skills, have expert knowledge in various fields, including medicine, law or economy. These are the assets which make our translations consistent in terms of terminology, whatever the area of expertise.

KOMPUTEKST translation agency provides professional translations of all types of official, court or personal documents, and trustworthy legal translations, translation of Website contents and other papers, including highly specialized ones.

Our services are always of prime quality; this is the reason why KOMPUTEKST translation agency is called upon to work for a variety of clients: international corporations and government agencies, highly specialized companies, smaller undertakings or individuals.

  • All European languages and major non-European languages
  • Industry specializations of translators
  • Translations in accordance with ISO 17100 (English and German)
  • Verification as part of the basic service
  • Management of large-format projects